Monday, October 19, 2009

Got sick... again...

Why? Why? Oh Why? Why is it that I often get sick? And when there was an occasion around the corner too!! Wahh!!! It's so annoying that I've been missing the good stuff because I often get sick! Grrr!!!!

Huhu... missed my niece's debut last Saturday! I was so excited too! Then I fell sick on Thursday. Friday was really bad. I don't even want to go to the doctor because I was feeling so nauseous and my tummy hurts quite badly. But, still, I went. So, doc prescribed meds for me to take... but it didn't work that well. Though the feeling of nauseousness disappeared, tummy is hurts, a bit less though..

It was only after "chef" made "salabat" for me to drink on Sunday, that I felt a lot better. But not completely, yet. So, I'm hoping this gassy feeling would soon disappear...

Sheesh... if it's not the flu, it's this one!!

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